About me

About MeLike many first time mums, the journey of pregnancy amazed me – this little person growing inside of me, getting bigger with each passing day. As the months progressed and the due date approached, the ‘horror’ stories of friends (and friends of friends) labours became a common topic of conversation. All the while, in the back of my mind I thought, ‘we’ve been doing it for generations; surely there must be a more natural way to birth?’ Not everyone has to be scared of labour? Are all labours painful? Or can you have a natural labour, with minimal medical intervention and enjoy it?

By chance I stumbled upon a book about hypnobirthing. I read it and re-read it. Then I put it to the back of my mind (well sort of) – you tend to read-up on so much during your first pregnancy!

The day we delivered my son, I was calm, the key messages from the book came to the forefront of my mind and I visualised him making his way, in his final journey from pregnancy, into this world. It was only on reflection that I realised I birthed him without fear, I took each step in my stride, I was mindful that every contraction was a step closer to his arrival and that while the contractions got stronger…in reality it was a pain-free birth (I used a tens machine, a birthing pool and took four paracetamol).

It was only in the months that followed and with my next pregnancy that I questioned that labour in more detail. Was it pain free because of the hypnobirthing methods, or was I just lucky and was a natural when it came to ‘pushing out’ babies? (…and my wide hips!)

Further intrigued, during my second pregnancy I did more studying about natal hypnotherapy and prepared myself for the arrival of my second child.

To the annoyance of many friends, she was born easily as well. One moment, I was going through a contraction and then something ‘changed’. My husband called for a midwife, she told me I was able to push and in a couple of pushes, my second child was born. Again, I had used a tens machine, and had taken paracetamol, but no birthing pool.

Was I lucky? I don’t think so.

Image of pregnant lady at sunset

I was prepared. I was in the right frame of mind. I was in tune with my body and I understood the steps my body had to go through to deliver my children in a natural way, without wanting or waiting for medical intervention.

Four years after the birth if my first child, I decided that it was time to reconsider the day job in the ‘big smoke’ and do something more fulfilling and rewarding.

I now want to share my experience and knowledge with other expectant mums and help them have an enjoyable and mindful pregnancy. I want them to be aware of the miracle of nature and help them prepare for the birth that they want. Right now, I am in the process of training to be a hypnobirthing instructor and I aim to be qualified in autumn 2015.

In time, I also want to offer support and guidance on motherhood matters. So watch this space as I continue to develop my skills and widen my offering.

I hope to meet you soon and help you in your journey from maternity to motherhood and help you create magical baby moments.

If you are located in Essex or London and would like to register your interest for hypnobirthing classes from autumn 2015, drop me an email at magicalbabymoments@gmail.com.

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