Hypnosis in medicine is not a new thing

There’s been a lot of talk this week in the media about hypnobirthing. It is gaining momentum in the UK as a proven way to prepare for birth and labour. Often shortening the length of labour and the outcome usually is described as an amazing experience.

Hypnobirthing is logical, simple to follow and apply, and is very effective. It empowers both the mother and father and gives them the right tools to achieve the best birth for them.

In the UK, hypnobirthing has been on the increase for the past decade or so, but it was a far back as 1950’s when the Bristish Medical Association in a report called Medical use of Hypnotism  concluded that hypnosis is an effective method of relieving pain in childbirth without altering the normal course of labour.

Hypnobirthing courses are available to parents in either group or private classes. The teaching time is usually 12 hours, either as evening classes over consecutive weeks or sometimes over a weekend.

The secret to hypnobirthing really being effective, is regular practice of the techniques in the weeks building up to the birth. 

Parents are recommended to take their course around the 20 week mark to give them sufficient time to prepare, but even parents who discover hypnobirthing close to their baby’s arrival can benefit from hypnobirthing and experience a calm, confident birth that is free from medical intervention.

Magical Baby Moments will soon be offering classes to parents in the London and Essex areas. If you are outside of these areas, find an instructor near you via the HypnoBirthing Association.

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Top tip! Are you pregnant?

Photocopy your maternity notes

Photocopy the pages of your maternity notes, as once the baby is born the hospital keeps them.
Don’t forget to take photos of your labour notes, as you won’t have a copier handy!
Great keepsake! 
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Third trimester – so what is your baby up to?

Third trimesterWeek 31
Baby is going through major brain development. Its irises react to light and all five senses work now.

Week 34
Baby recognises and reacts to simple songs and it will even remember them after birth.

Week 36
Your baby is officially full term and can now be born as early as this week.

Week 37
Your baby is gaining about an ounce daily.

Week 39
Baby’s brain is still developing rapidly. Any day now you will meet your baby. It will be covered in vernix – a protective coating over its skin.

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Second trimester – so what is your baby up to?

Second trimesterWeek 16
Tiny bones are forming in the ears, eyebrows, lashes and hair is starting to fill in

Week 18
Lots of movement…! Yawning, kicking, punching, rolling, twisting, hiccupping, swallowing and sucking. – what can you feel?

Week 20
Baby is gulping down amniotic fluid and its taste buds are now working

Week 22
Lucky baby! It is sleeping 12-14 hours per day

Week 24
Putting on weight, baby is now developing fat. Its skin is becoming opaque and its pigment is starting to show.

Week 26
Baby’s immune system is absorbing the antibodies. Its eyes are now forming.

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First trimester – so what is your baby up to?

First trimester
Week 5

Baby is hard at it developing the nervous and circulatory systems. The liver, kidneys and stomach (and digestive system) are forming too.

Week 6
Blood starts to circulate and baby’s facial features, such as eye, nose, chin and ears start to develop.

Week 7
Arms and legs, as well as the joints are beginning to take shape. Your baby’s brain is developing too.

Week 8
Though you can’t feel anything yet, your bubba can now move its arms and legs.

Week 9
Yippee, I’m a grown up…no longer am I called an embryo…please call me foetus!!

Week 10
Those arms and legs are doing well. Your baby’s bones and cartilage are forming…and those vital organs that were just starting to form a few weeks ago are now beginning to function.

Week 13
The intestines move from the umbilical cord to the baby’s tummy. And guess what, the vocal cords are now forming.

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7 tips to having a good sleep when you’re heavily pregnant

7 tips to having a good sleep when youre heavily pregnant1. Try to go for a short walk every day.
2. Don’t get over-tired, nap if you need to (and can) during the day.
3. As you are now only able to sleep on your sides, make sure your bump is supported with a pillow.
4. Is your room the right temperature? It’s better to be a bit cooler than too warm.
5. Keep your blood sugar levels up – have a healthy snack an hour before going to bed.
6. Avoid drinking in the last hour before bedtime… It might save you one trip to the loo!
7. If you haven’t done hypnobirthing classes to help teach you how to relax, download a sleep meditation app. This will help you relax on those nights when you’re tossing and turning (and infuriated by your partners snoring!)