How the uterus works during labour

Pregnant-bumpThe uterus is a perfect instrument, designed by nature to help a mother birth her baby.

How does it work?
The uterus has three layers of muscles – two of which work hard and in harmony to ease your baby out of the womb.

The outer muscles run vertically and work with the length of your baby. During labour, these muscles shorten and flex, to nudge the baby down.

The inner muscles work horizontally and surround your baby. These inner muscles are in the lower part of the uterus, holding your baby in place during pregnancy, but in labour need to relax and thin, to let your baby out.

These muscles are designed to work in harmony in labour, and do so when the mother is comfortable and in a relaxed state.

Hypnobirthing will teach you how to bring your body into a relaxed state that can encourage your muscles to work at their best. By being relaxed, you will inevitably shorten the duration of your labour.

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