Take control of your birth in five easy ways…

Take control of your birthA positive state of mind is vital. Nobody can guarantee a perfect natural birth, but you can ensure that your experience will be more positive if you try to prepare yourself by getting yourself in the right frame of mind.

Here are five ways to help you get there:

  1. Be informed
    Read as much as you can about birth and labour so that you have all that you need to make the right choices for you am and your baby
  2. Plan your birth
    Take the time to make a detailed birth plan for you. Make sure you express the options that feel right for you. (Even if things don’t go according to plan, at least there is a preferred route that your nothing partner and midwives can try to follow)
  3. Think positive
    It is vital that you prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for labour. Telling yourself that you can do it and using positive affirmations, will put you and your body in good stead for a positive birth experience
  4. Focus
    Don’t worry about what labour may entail or worry about how long it might take. Your pregnancy has been culminating to this final chapter. This is the end if one journey and the beginning of another – meeting and getting to know your baby.
  5. Be mindful
    Using mediation and visualisation can put you into a deep state of relaxation that can make labour easier and shorter. Why not book yourself into a hypnobirthing course to teach you the best techniques and give you the foundations to help you have a positive birth experience?

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