What happens in a normal delivery?

When the baby’s head appears at your vaginal opening and the head no longer slips back between contractions, this is a sign that your baby is coming – otherwise known as crowning.

Often a stinging or burning sensation is felt, as the baby stretches the outlet of your vagina. As soon as you feel it, try to relax as much as you can and allow the contractions of your uterus push the baby out on its own (if you do push, you run the risk of tearing or needing an episiotomy).

The stinging or burning sensation doesn’t last long. It is shortly followed by a numbing feeling, as the baby’s head stretches the vaginal tissues, where the nerves are blocked producing a natural anaesthetic (isn’t nature clever?).

When your baby’s head has been delivered, your baby will be face down, but almost immediately they will turn to face your thigh. 

After delivery of the head, your contractions will stop for a minute or so. When they restart, the next contraction will usually deliver one shoulder and then the other shoulder will slip out. Once both shoulders are delivered, the rest of the body will come out quickly and easily.

Congratulations, you can now meet your baby! 

Learn about hypnobirthing in Mothercare, Romford 


Come and join Magical Baby Moments in Mothercare in Romford for their Expectant Parent Event on 30 Sept, 6-8pm. 

Learn more about the benefits of hypnobirthing for the mother and the baby.

With hypnobirthing, dads play a vital role too. Hypnobirthing creates bonding opportunities with the baby and offers the mother the right support and encouragement that she needs in pregnancy and during labour.

Visit Mothercare’s website for more information about the event and how to register.

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Hypnobirthing classes now available in Romford and surrounding areas

Magical Baby Moments offers hypnobirthing classes to expectant mothers and their birthing partners in Romford, Essex and the surrounding areas.

If you are aiming for a natural birth, by preparing yourself with hypnobirthing you significantly increase your chances of the birth that you want, often without the need for medical interventions.

Magical Baby Moments follows the teaching programme that KG Hypnobirthing has developed. Classes are comprised of either four evening classes or two full weekend days.

For more information visit http://www.magicalbabymoments.com or email  classes@magicalbabymoments.com

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