Does the thought of labour fill you with fear?

I’m sure that the moment you found out you were pregnant was a magical moment – one that filled your heart with happiness. And as the pregnancy continued, and you felt the baby developing, you we’re overcome with joy. Did you relish those moments during your scans to see your precious creation growing?

Have you thought about labour and what that day might be like ? Are you planning for a natural birth? Have friends and family started telling you about their birthing experiences? Perhaps not all of them have been positive.

If you have been told that giving birth is about pain and screaming. I’ve got some great news for you, it doesn’t have to be like that!

Many many women around the world are now turning to hypnobirthing.

Hypno-what, some of you might be wondering. Hypno-birthing. It is the use of self-hypnosis during labour to allow the mother to feel calm and relaxed. Who wouldn’t want that..?

Hypnobirthing, isn’t like hypnosis like you see on TV, with people running around thinking that they’re a chicken, or eating a raw onion thinking it is an apple. Hypnobirthing is a tried and tested technique that prepares the mother and her birthing partner to be confident and calm during labour.

By being informed correctly about your options during labour and understanding how the uterus works and what your body is trying to do – to bring your baby into this world – allows you to be prepared for the changes in your body during this final journey.

The techniques that hypnobirthing teaches you, will allow you to release any fears that you have surrounding labour and birth and it will allow you to remain relaxed and focused, as you prepare to welcome your baby  into this world.

It is really important to know how to create the right environment for your birth, whether it is a planned home-birth, a hospital birth or in a midwife-led unit….who know perhaps your cheeky monkey wants to make an entrance much quicker and decides to arrive before you do to your chosen venue… The hypnobirthing techniques will prepare you to know what to do and instinctively follow what your body is telling you to do.

The course is just four weekday evenings or two full weekend days, depending on availability. Ideally this is taught to you anywhere from 20 weeks onwards. If you are late into your pregnancy and think you’ve missed the boat, you might not have. Hypnobirthing can be taught in the final weeks of pregnancy and still be effective.

Hypnobirthing is about preparation and mindset, with a little preparation with the correct mindset you and you baby can still benefit… Though the more you practice, like with anything else,the more natural and easier it will come to you.

Many hypnobirthing mums describe the births they have had as calm, confident and empowering.

Why not try hypnobirthing for your baby? Visit Magical Baby Moments to find out about classes in Essex and London.

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