It’s your choice – decide how you want the labour that is right for you and your baby

If you’re on your first pregnancy, no doubt you have been reading countless books, been getting advice from medical professionals and recommended by family and friends what you should do.

The choice of how your labour plays out is in your hands – it doesn’t need to be totally managed or completely natural (unless that’s what you want). it can be a blend of many things. Here are some things to consider:

  • Where to have your baby, hospital, midwife-led unit or home birth
  • Birthing partner there throughout, or asked not to be part of some procedures
  • Medical induction of labour or a spontaneous start
  • Amniotomy or spontaneous rupture of membranes
  • Baby monitored electronically or by the manual Sonicaid
  • Confined to the bed or being mobile
  • Types of pain relief, natural like hypnobirthing techniques such as breathing and visualisations or medical such as gas and air, pethidine and epidural
  • The position in which to deliver your baby
  • Natural expulsion of the placenta
  • Who the baby goes to first after being born

These are just some considerations to decide upon, that can help you create the right birth plan that is for you.

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