How to have a positive birth experience

If you are well informed and can make your own decisions, your experience of labour and birth should be positive.

The key to it all is relaxation and taking control and that is the message that Magical Baby Moments advocates.

Reading and learning what might happen will give you the confidence to deal with any situation that arises. It is important to take control of your pregnancy and birth, by being informed, knowing that the choices are and understanding the associated risks and benefits.

Nobody will ‘deliver’ your baby, you, as the mum, will ‘give birth’ to your child, so believe in yourself and your ability to do so.

If you would like help to learn techniques to ensure you remain, relaxed, focused and in control, hypnobirthing classes, for you and your birth partner, will help you to achieve that.

Magical Baby Moments classes not only teach you relaxation techniques, but it also covers many aspects of labour and birth, such as where to have your baby, options for medical and natural pain relief, best positions for labour and looking after the baby during the first few days after the birth.

Read more in the Classes section.

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