Are you looking for the best antenatal class?

If you’re looking for the best ante natal class that will:

  • help you during pregnancy
  • help you achieve the best birth experience for you and your baby
  • keep you in control, calm and confident during pregnancy and labour
  • Give you practical hands on tips for the early days after your baby has arrived 

…then sign up to Magical Baby Moments Hypnobirthing Classes.

The classes will teach you how to prepare the baby, the mother and the birthing partners to encourage and create the birth experience of your choice.

No two birth experiences are the same, but by understanding the choices available, the options that you have (and understanding the benefits and risks of those options) and taking the right ones for you and your baby, will leave you with a positive birth experience that you were in control of.

Our classes teach parents-to-be the following:

  1. what happens in the final stages of pregnancy, understanding how your body is working to help your baby birth 
  2. help you understand the signs for when labour has started and how to manage your labour in a calm and confident way
  3. techniques to encourage to prepare you and your baby to be ready in the best way possible for labour
  4. Learn the optimal positions to have a potentially shorter and more comfortable labour. Unlike the films, we should not be lying on a bed to deliver our babies!

Would you like tips on what to do in those early days with your baby? We cover that too.

Hypnobirthing teaches simple and gentle techniques that have a profound effect. You can release fear and anxiety and build confidence in yourself and your body’s ability to give birth naturally.

Magical Baby Moments is based in the UK and offers classes in Essex and London. Find out more about Magical Baby Moments Hypnobirthing Classes.

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