How to be a good birthing partner

The arrival of a little one is impending….and if you’re the dad, then chances are you will want to be at the birth. But perhaps, you’re a family member or a friend who has been honoured with this special role.

A birthing partner is one of the most important people involved for the mum-to-be. It’s so important to have someone there who they are confident that they will support them. 

For the mum-to-be, it’s vital that your birthing partner is very clear about your hopes, feelings and preferences for the birth, so that they are able to speak up for you, if needed.

The important thing is that you choose someone you completely trust and with whom you are at ease with. They must also be strong for you, should the going get tough. 

You may feel that you would like more than one person with you at the hospital. If so, explain the benefits of having someone there to give him support too, especially if the labour is long and he needs a break. It is also a good idea to organise a back-up in case for some reason your first choice is unavailable. No one will mind being on standby to experience the miracle of a baby being born.

The birthing partner’s job is a very important one. For a hypnobirthing mum, they will be their rock and their guiding light as labour progresses. As hypnobirthing classes include the birthing partner as well, they will understand the techniques to help keep the mum calm, comfortable, confident and relaxed. In hypnobirthing classes they will understand their role as protector and know how to carry out these tasks.

Should things not go smoothly or should circumstances change for mum or baby, any birthing partner, who has attended hypnobirthing classes, will know what questions to ask, understand what the benefits and risks might be with the options presented. They will be confident to make the right decision for mum and baby – knowing that an informed choice is what they are seeking.

The main responsibility he or she will have, is to offer you complete support and encouragement, of your hypnobirthing techniques and helping to carry out your birth preferences. They will be happy to pace the room with you or try out the different positions you have learned, in order to find which one is comfortable for you and optimal for the baby.

Your birthing partner will experience the whole amazing process, be the first to see your baby’s head emerging into the world, and get the chance to cut the umbilical cord. It will also be their job to remain with your newborn if you need medical attention after the birth.

Your birthing partner may have to endure quite a lot during the labour and birth, but all will be forgotten the moment they cuddle the beautiful newborn for the very first time.

With hypnobirthing classes, many mothers describe their labour as an empowering experience and fathers, who might have been sceptical to start with, understand that they are simple techniques that make sense, resulting in a magical memory.

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