Demistifying the word ‘hypnobirthing’

Today I want to vent how misleading the world ‘hypnobirthing’ is to describe what it is. The hypno, of course, comes from hypnosis – and so it’s hypnosis for birthing… But even still that conjours up all the wrong images.

It’s not some hippy, tree-hugging cult thing whatsoever. It doesn’t put you in some altered state of reality, making you do things you wouldn’t normally do. So you can tell your birthing partners that they don’t need to run for the hills!

It’s simply about having a deeper understanding of what your body is doing during labour. Realising that there are techniques and positions that can help optimise your labour, to make it comfortable and, in many cases, faster than those labours that don’t use these simple and effective tools.

So if you’ve been put off by media, friends and family that labour is some horrific ritual that you have to pass through to hold your baby, it’s not true.

Hypnobirthing mothers often say that they had a calm, comfortable birth – usually without the need for medical intervention – where they welcomed their baby with ease, confidence and happiness.

Read some birth stories from KG – the Home of Hypnobirthing

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This article was written by Magical Baby Moments. Magical Baby Moments offers group hypnobirthing classes in Romford, and one-to-one classes across Essex and London.

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