Yay, you’re on maternity leave…

Many mums-to-be look forward to starting their maternity leave…

  • all those months of counting down the days left at work have passed
  • you now have time to get those final things done
  • you can look forward to and focus on the impending birth of your baby

But for some, maternity leave arrives and you find that you have a lot of time on your hands but not too many people to share it with. Come along to Maternity Meet-ups!

Maternity Meet-ups
Every Friday from 10:30am-12:30pm, Romford, Essex

Come along to this group to prepare yourself for your baby’s upcoming birth. Any last minute questions or niggles, will be answered. Didn’t do any pre-reading and need to know what to expect? We can cover that too.

We will always spend a significant amount of the session to cover relaxation exercises and breathing techniques, to prepare you for a calm and empowering birth experience.

And we will even do a little practice of those all-important pelvic floor exercises!!

Finally, meet other mums in the area whose babies are due around the same time as yours. Build yourself a network of friends, experiencing the nuances of those early weeks.

Pre-booking is essential as places are limited. To secure you place email classes@magicalbabymoments.com or call on 07764 680 215.

All sessions include free tea/coffee (decaf, of course!) and yummy biscuits!

Costs: £10 per session

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