How hypnobirthing helped Padma’s birth

Padma and her husband completed the KG Hypnobirthing Couse and recall their experience:

His arrival was 100% natural with no medical intervention nor any form of pain relief (in medical terms).

I am Padma…My early phase of labour started at 10.00pm…when I walked into the hospital the next morning, I was already 3-4cm dilated.

I practised slow breathing throughout with up visualisations… I realised my surges coming frequently but truly, did not feel the intensity building. I relaxed completely with lavender and clary sage aroma in my room along with sips of raspberry tea. Light touch massage and stroking relaxation was of immense help…At I moved to the labour room. At this point, I was walking and talking through my surges. After an hour and a half, I was fully dilated and I moved to down breathing to help my waters break.

This was the stage when I remembered the fact that the woman’s body will find its comfortable place to birth the baby down…I adopted sqatting with my head resting on the bed. After few surges, I felt the head emerge..After few more surges, our little son arrived with no screaming noise around but only with his father’s voice talking throughout and a very calm atmosphere…The doctors gave him to me immediately and started breast feed to expel the placenta. Very soon I surged and the placenta was delivered naturally. I did not tear hence no stitches.

My husband equally worked hard along with me which I cannot explain through words.

Without him, our baby would not have born the way he was. He was just amazing. I feared the doctors in India pushing me for medical interventions but my doctors left the whole labour to us both and used the word “breathe”…

Overall, it was a wonderful experience…thank you for introducing us to such a wonderful concept of hypnobirthing, which we are advocating to all our friends.

This birth story has been edited down, read the full story on

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