Hypnobirthing weekend course in May

Wanting a positive and relaxed birth? Don’t miss out on the upcoming weekend course.

Magical Baby Moments Group Hypnobirthing Course – 7 & 8 May, Romford, Essex.

Learn how to:
⭐️Release fear and tension – to avoid pain and intervention

⭐️⭐️ Learn to instantly switch off outside distractions – to induce deep relaxation

⭐️⭐️⭐️Use visualisation exercises and affirmations – to keep you confident, calm and positive.

Small intimate groups in a friendly relaxing environment in Romford.
Call to book your place. Details are on magicalbabymoments website.

Book before 1 May and get two Maternity Meet-up relaxation sessions for free (worth £20).
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Read Priya and Paren’s birth story 

We have had a very busy couple of weeks settling in with our gorgeous son Arjun and enjoying every minute with him!

He was born on 20th March after a long labour which ended in emergency c-section – but was all worth it to hold him in our arms at the end!

After trying absolutely everything to induce labour naturally, we agreed to go in for medical induction at 41 weeks on 18th March and started off with the gel, which kicked off contractions nicely. It was a slow process but the contractions were fairly strong, so I focused on up breathing and visualisations to get through it. They told me that once I had dialated enough, they would break my waters to help push things along further.

The vaginal examinations were uncomfortable enough, so I wasn’t looking forward to that procedure, so Paren read a relaxing script which really helped, along with a bit of ‘gas and air’. Labour continued to progress slowly, so they also gave me the drip. As the contractions got stronger, the hypnobirthing techniques really helped me to deal with them.

Every midwife and doctor I saw couldnt get over how I was surviving all this time just with the tens machine and ‘gas and air’, as they see most women begging for epidural in inductions – instead I was calm and smiling between contractions!

In the end, after 52 hours, my labour stalled and they found baby’s head had moved slightly to the left and was swelling, so we had to have c-section before it got any worse. For me, that was my worst outcome for birth and one that I really wanted to avoid. I used the scripts and breathing to stay as calm as possible throughout it.

All worth it of course, as we now have a beautiful, calm, happy baby 🙂

Thanks Magical Baby Moments for all your help through pregnancy and your hypnobirthing course, it was so useful and I could not have coped so well without it!

Find out about upcoming Hypnobirthing Courses

If you’re expecting a baby this summer, now is the time to book yourself into a hypnobirthing course to prepare you for labour and birth.

Often people will have unnecessary fears about labour and it doesn’t have to be this way. Many women, especially those who prepare with hypnobirthing, have really positive experiences to tell.

Learn how to:

⭐️Release fear and tension – to avoid pain and intervention

⭐️⭐️ Learn self-hypnosis – to induce deep relaxation

⭐️⭐️⭐️Use visualisation exercises and affirmations – to keep you confident, serene and positive 

Book your place on a Hypnobirthing Course to learn how to.

Ask yourself; why are we the only animals  that doubt our ability to give birth?

We can do it! We can do it naturally! We can do it without interventions! 

Perhaps, you’re mind has been filled with over-dramatised births on TV and in films? Or have friends and family only told you the negative aspects of their birth? How many positive birth stories can you count? Maybe not too many. But there are hundreds of women every day who give birth in a positive and calm environment. They feel confident and in control of their labour and the path that unfolds for her and her baby. This can be you too….

Magical Baby Moments offers group hypnobirthing courses in Romford and private courses across Essex and London. Check online at www.magicalbabymoments.com/classes to find out upcoming dates.

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How hypnobirthing helped Kayliegh with her second baby

Birth story for your inspiration

Thanks to KD Sharp – an example of involving a partner and how helpful they can be:

I had a very bad birthing experience with my first girl and after a review with a lovely midwife she suggested hypnobirthing if I were to consider having another. I started reading up about it before I got pregnant and already my mind was at ease about labour. Having a toddler and working full-time I couldn’t attend classes. I read a book and listened to rainbow relaxation over and over every time I had a bath or lay in bed.
At 40+5 at 1am I started having surges so thought I would get on my ball to try encourage them. Unfortunately I fell down my stairs and landed on my pelvis/spine so could only lie on my sofa. 
At 5am they got more intense and 3 minutes apart so I went to my local midwife led unit. Upon examination I was only 2cm and in the early stages, which was a bit disheartening, but the midwife requested I stay, as I lived 30 minutes away, because second labours can be unpredictable. 

At 10am I was checked again and I was now at 4cm, but the surges were very erratic and intense. After this examination the surges were very close together and I started to lose my way but my husband encouraged me to breathe through them (during those 9 months I had convinced myself that he had no interest in hypnobirthing!) an hour later I felt my baby moving down and was moved to the bed, things moved very quickly and I felt the urge to push. My husband was controlling my breathing the whole time and at 11.56 hours on 22/11/15 my girl Ruby Ray was born weighing 9lb 1oz.

I had delayed cord clamping and naturally delivered the placenta an hour later. Ruby latched on herself shortly after the birth. I left the hospital at 3pm the same day and I have the most content little baby at home.

What could happen by having your waters broken…

This is a beautiful, unique and rare placenta. This placenta was born at home on a Sunday afternoon. Labour for this mum started at 40 weeks and 1 day by spontaneous rupture of membranes. What that means is simply her water broke on its own without a physician breaking her water with a amin-hook.

Why does this matter? See the large vessel that runs from the umbilical cord to the top of the placenta? It’s runs along the edge on the upper left hand corner. See it?

That vessel grew into the amniotic sac (what actually ruptures when your “water breaks”). When her bag of water spontaneously ruptured it broke along the path of least resistance (as it will) and protected the vessel allowing for a safe uncomplicated home birth.  

What was the other possible outcome? If this woman had undergone the common intervention of having her water broke (artificial rupture of membranes) the amni-hook (tool used to break water) could have likely snagged the vessel causing an emergency situation where baby would bleed out.

Why should you care? If a physician offers to break your water you need to know the risk involved. When placed with any decision in labour ask…

  • Benefits?
  • Risks?
  • Alternatives?
  • Intuition? (What does my gut say)
  • Nothing?(what if do nothing?)

Then make an informed decision.

Thanks and credit to Mary Duke Lcce for posting this on Facebook (content and image)

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