What could happen by having your waters broken…

This is a beautiful, unique and rare placenta. This placenta was born at home on a Sunday afternoon. Labour for this mum started at 40 weeks and 1 day by spontaneous rupture of membranes. What that means is simply her water broke on its own without a physician breaking her water with a amin-hook.

Why does this matter? See the large vessel that runs from the umbilical cord to the top of the placenta? It’s runs along the edge on the upper left hand corner. See it?

That vessel grew into the amniotic sac (what actually ruptures when your “water breaks”). When her bag of water spontaneously ruptured it broke along the path of least resistance (as it will) and protected the vessel allowing for a safe uncomplicated home birth.  

What was the other possible outcome? If this woman had undergone the common intervention of having her water broke (artificial rupture of membranes) the amni-hook (tool used to break water) could have likely snagged the vessel causing an emergency situation where baby would bleed out.

Why should you care? If a physician offers to break your water you need to know the risk involved. When placed with any decision in labour ask…

  • Benefits?
  • Risks?
  • Alternatives?
  • Intuition? (What does my gut say)
  • Nothing?(what if do nothing?)

Then make an informed decision.

Thanks and credit to Mary Duke Lcce for posting this on Facebook (content and image)

#vasaprevia #IVPF
#homebirth #placenta #arm #waterbreak #amnioticsac #bloodvessel  #birthoptions #brain #informedchoice #informedconsent

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