How hypnobirthing helped Kayliegh with her second baby

Birth story for your inspiration

Thanks to KD Sharp – an example of involving a partner and how helpful they can be:

I had a very bad birthing experience with my first girl and after a review with a lovely midwife she suggested hypnobirthing if I were to consider having another. I started reading up about it before I got pregnant and already my mind was at ease about labour. Having a toddler and working full-time I couldn’t attend classes. I read a book and listened to rainbow relaxation over and over every time I had a bath or lay in bed.
At 40+5 at 1am I started having surges so thought I would get on my ball to try encourage them. Unfortunately I fell down my stairs and landed on my pelvis/spine so could only lie on my sofa. 
At 5am they got more intense and 3 minutes apart so I went to my local midwife led unit. Upon examination I was only 2cm and in the early stages, which was a bit disheartening, but the midwife requested I stay, as I lived 30 minutes away, because second labours can be unpredictable. 

At 10am I was checked again and I was now at 4cm, but the surges were very erratic and intense. After this examination the surges were very close together and I started to lose my way but my husband encouraged me to breathe through them (during those 9 months I had convinced myself that he had no interest in hypnobirthing!) an hour later I felt my baby moving down and was moved to the bed, things moved very quickly and I felt the urge to push. My husband was controlling my breathing the whole time and at 11.56 hours on 22/11/15 my girl Ruby Ray was born weighing 9lb 1oz.

I had delayed cord clamping and naturally delivered the placenta an hour later. Ruby latched on herself shortly after the birth. I left the hospital at 3pm the same day and I have the most content little baby at home.

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