My time spent at Magical Baby Moments played a part of my journey.

Many mums will attend antenatal classes, whether that’s through the NHS or NCT. But even in those classes they are not taught to believe in the power of nature and that they should trust their bodies to know that they will birth their babies at the right time. Many of the techniques needed for a calm and positive birth are taught in hypnobirthing classes. Many couples will dismiss hypnobirthing as ‘not for them’ thinking it might be something for hippies and spiritualist people, but it’s not the case. Below is a testimonial from a lady who attended Magical Baby Moments’ Maternity Meet-Up sessions, and whilst she did not complete a full hypnobirthing class, she applied the hypnobirthing techniques that are covered in these Meet-Ups and attributes them to her calm, confident and positive birth.

“17 hrs gas and air….I went to my “happy place” many times but was so tired at the end….she’s so worth it. I really appreciate my time spent at Magical Baby Moments and believe it played a part on my journey. Thank you”

Anyone can achieve a calm and confident birth experience with the right mindset, and the example above shows that even in those final weeks you have plenty of time to get yourself in the correct mind-set.

Maternity Meet-ups take place every Friday morning. Visit for more info.

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