Magical Baby Moments played a part of my journey

Lovely message from one of the mums who attended Maternity Meet-Ups and gave birth to her baby last week.

“17 hrs gas and air….I went to my “happy place” many times but was so tired at the end….she’s so worth it. I really appreciate my time spent at Magical Baby Moments and believe it played a part of my journey. Thank you”

Maternity Meet-ups is for mums-to-be in their final weeks of pregnancy. The two hour session on Friday mornings covers: labour and birth topics, effective breathing techniques to help you through labour, relaxation scripts to help you easily put yourself into a calm and positive “happy place” and much more.
Why not try it yourself and give yourself the chance for a positive birth experience?

Find out more about Magical Baby Moments Hypnobirthing Classes and Maternity Meet-ups.

Magical Baby Moments

This article was written by Magical Baby Moments. Magical Baby Moments offers group hypnobirthing classes in Romford, and one-to-one classes across Essex and London.

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