Don’t give birth with your eyes wide shut

OK so you have two choices:

1. Be informed and prepared
2. Wing it on the day

Most mums, especially first-time mums will be taking in as much information about the journey of their pregnancy – reading books, going on websites, watching videos etc. etc.

Those ladies who choose to have birth in hospital thinking ‘well where else would I have it?‘ usually just rock-up to hospital when the contractions start and let the midwives take care of the rest.

What if you are one of those ladies whose baby decides not to show up on your estimated due date? Often there is panic and stress as to why your body isn’t going spontaneously into labour – and then everyone caring for you is determined for you to have an induction.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if you had choices? Would you like to be in control of your labour and birth? (You can be). Would you like to have a say as to how you want your labour to be (How you choose to birth is YOUR right. No one tells you what you ‘have’ to do).

However, this can only be achieved if you are informed and prepared, knowing and understanding what the options are and what the pros and cons to you and your baby are.

So how can you find all this information out?
This is where Magical Baby Moments can help. Our clasess are a fully-rounded antenatal class, that teaches you:
– How to decide your birth preferences
– What is happening to your body during labour
– What you are expected to be feeling through the various stages of labour
– Ways to remain calm and relaxed during the pregnancy, labour and birth
– Understanding the options should your birth take a different path
– Teaching your birth partner how to have an active and invaluable part in supporitng you during labour
– and much, much more…

We all know that babies are expensive and perhaps the thought of a hypnobirthing class is just one expense that you think you don’t need. (Loads of women give birth without doing this class). But just take a moment to read below…

Those that do…
– Often have a calmer more enjoyable pregnancy
Less anxiety towards the end of the pregnancy when the due date is looming
A birth partner that understands the path that you would like to take and supports you the entire way
– Often labour is shorter, as the mum knows how to relax which is more efficient on the body
Relies less on pain relief, as she has faith in nature and her body
– Some describe their birth as ‘pain-free’
– Looks back on birth as an empowering experience

If you want to wing it on the day…that’s totally fine…But if you would like me to help you and your birth partner prepare for a wonderful and positive birth experience, then get in touch.

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