September Hypnobirthing Weekend Course – spaces available

It’s not too late to join Magical Baby Moments‘ weekend hypnobirthing classes on 10/11 September.

Learn techniques to help you prepare for a positive, calm and informed labour and birth. 
Understand that there are choices that you can make – you can influence you and your baby’s birth path.

Have a fully engaged birth partner who can fully support you.

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A fantastic course that all couples should complete

So happy… This lovely couple have just completed my hypnobirthing course.
This is what they said:Mum “I felt Christine was a very good and informative instructor. I am looking forward to putting into practice everything I have been taught. I enjoyed the course and all the helpful tips. I would definitely recommend to others.”

Dad “I was slightly unsure about the concept at first. After completing the course it made great sense in how it can be applied to the birthing experience.
1) how you can relax your body without medication

2) the concept of the scripts being applied

I think this is a fantastic course for all couple to complete.”

Couples who would like to have a positive birth experience and who would like to learn how to remain calm and relaxed, should consider hypnobirthing classes with Magical Baby Moments.

Couple who learn with Magical Baby Moments often say that they feel ‘prepared and very positive and confident’ after taking this course.

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