How hypnobirthing helped during an induced labour

Baby Renee was born weighing in at 8lbs 3 ounces.

It was a natural delivery – I was induced (38 weeks) as I was found to have gestational diabetes.
I was induced twice over 12 hours to begin with. I was having mild contractions but nothing was happening. The baby’s heart rate was being monitored and she was fine.
After 12 hours they then broke my waters. This brought on the contractions and dilating very, very quickly! I went 0-6cms in 5 hours. This was where we used the hypnobirthing techniques (along with the gas and air). I had my favourite guided meditation (the one about blowing out bubbles) and I think Jeff was reciting it over and over until the pain got too much (I then had an epidural).
Things seemed to slow down after that. I dilated only a further 2cms (to 8) in the following 8 hours after that which made the consultants advise that they were going to give me s Caesarean. I was heartbroken (and frankly a bit pissed off!) when I heard this as I have always been dead set AGAINST having a Caesarean. The process from 1st induction had taken about 27 hours up until this point and it felt like such a waste to have gone through all of that to get cut open anyway. I also was conscious of the fact that help at home is limited for me so I also wanted to avoid the recovery time needed for a Caesarean (in conjunction with looking after the baby).
The consultant told us they were preparing the theatre for my Caesarean and left the room. When she left – my midwife (who could see that I was devastated) gave me some jelly babies. She got Jeff and my sister-in-law to prop me up on my feet. In the 30 mins that ensued she used every trick in the book to try and get the baby to drop the final 2cms required for a natural delivery.
The consultant came back and got me 30 mins later and low and behold!! She had a look and said ‘whaddya know? You’ve dilated the extra 2cms so you can have a natural delivery after all!!’
I tell you. I could have kissed my midwife (who gave me a nod and a wink from the other side of the theatre).
Birthing her was a bit intense but this time round I was mentally prepared for it. I had a forceps delivery and 5 stitches (they cut me as opposed to a tear) but two weeks later it’s all healed up nicely and she is perfect. It was a much better outcome than being confined to a chair if I had had the Caesarean.
The midwives made reference to how calm I was throughout the process and I did make them aware that we wanted to follow the hypnobirthing method (lots of walking around).
I wanted to say (on behalf of both Jeff and I), thank you for your time – I’m currently signing up to as many mother and baby classes as possible in the hope I’ll make some new friends! Hopefully we’ll bump into you soon!

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