The importance of pelvic floor exercises

If you’re pregnant, especially with your first, remember that pelvic floor exercises, while a chore and a bore, MUST BE DONE regularly (like for the rest of your life!!).

At some point you’ll either buy a trampoline for the garden or come to a place like @Jump Evolution. It’s great fun and your mind thinks like a teenager in these places. 

I’ve realised that my body post childbirth (and my youngest is almost 5), isn’t what it was! Jumped off the high jump and my neck is now creaky (let’s see what aches tomorrow brings!) 😞😞

Tried to show Lily that the swing into the foam pit is fun, but didn’t realise that my shoulder sockets can’t hold my body weight!! Ouch!! (Fatty bum bum!!) 😳😳😳

Oh and on a final note, as I’m sharing too much information, I must remember to keep up pelvic floor exercises!! 😆😆😆🙊🙊

Maybe it’s just me…but I suspect there’s more out there who experience this.

Watch my video on how to do Pelvic Floor Exercises to know how to do it!

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