Dreaming of a positive birth experience? Make it a reality.

How to have a positive birth experience

Research has shown that women who go into the birth experience with a positive attitude and who use the right birth techniques can shorten labour and make them less likely to need intervention.

Other factors which contribute to a positive birth experience include:

  • how well informed they are
  • whether they felt they could make their’ own decisions
  • the woman’s emotional approach to birth

The final ingredient to this magical recipe is relaxation.


Informing yourself of what might happen will give you the confidence to deal with any situation that arises. It is important to take control of your pregnancy and birth, by being informed, knowing what the choices are and understanding the associated risks and benefits.

Nobody will ‘deliver’ your baby. You, as the mum, will ‘give birth’ to your child, so believe in yourself and your ability to do so.

The mind is extremely powerful. Women who use relaxation, breathing and visualisation techniques often experience birth without any medical interventions.

Here are some tips on how to have a positive birth experience

  1. Face your fears

Birth fears can be triggered by a number of things, even if you have never given birth, other people’s experiences can leave a mark on the mum-to-be. So acknowledge your fears and work out where they come. If you’re not sure what’s bothering you, talk to your partner/midwife to see if you can pinpoint your stress triggers.

  1. Does your birth partner have any fears?

Facing up to birth fears is important for birth partners, too. If they are on edge on the maternity ward, it could pass on to you. Encourage them to be honest. Getting them involved with antenatal classes will help, too.

  1. Practice relaxation techniques

As I just mentioned, feeling calm is key to being confident and in control. By practising relaxation techniques during pregnancy, you can call upon it when you need it.

  1. Learn how to breathe through labour

Breathing slower and deeper breaths increases the amount of oxygen getting to your muscles, which helps them relax. Also focusing on the breathing itself gives you a focal point.

  1. Follow your intuition

Your intuition will guide you throughout your pregnancy. If for whatever reason you have a niggling concern, get it checked out until you are sure that ‘the niggle’ has been addressed.

  1. Relax with some massage

Ask your partner to rub your back and the backs of your legs to stimulate the release of calming chemicals in the body.

Not everyone will have an intervention-free birth, but by taking out any fears and building your confidence, you’ll feel in control and have a positive experience, whatever happens.

If you would like to learn techniques to ensure you remain, relaxed, focused and in control, hypnobirthing classes (for you and your birth partner) will help you to achieve that.

Magical Baby Moments classes not only teach you relaxation techniques, but it also covers many aspects of labour and birth, such as where to have your baby, options for medical and natural pain relief, best positions for labour and looking after the baby during the first few days after the birth.

Read more in the Classes section.


About Magical Baby Moments

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