5 simple ways for dads to bond with their baby

The daddy-baby bond is a very special one. So while most young babies will spend lots of time with mum, it’s very important for dad to care for your little one too. Lots of cuddles and play time is essential. In fact, it forms the basis for a healthy father-child relationship.

New dads and their newborns have a special bond. Learn how to build a closer attachment with your baby during those precious first few weeks.

If you’re and new dad and you are not quite sure how to start bonding with your newborn, you’re not alone. While some parents begin bonding with their babies immediately, it’s also extremely common for some parents (both mum and dad) to feel a little uncertain about how to start getting close to their baby.

But bonding is really important. Whatever the long-term effects may be, we know for sure that strong, healthy relationships will improve your baby’s development by giving them a sense of security and self-esteem. What’s more, you can start forming those bonds as soon as your baby is born. It’s something you’ll be able to do during the course of your daily routine. Here’s how:

1. Hold your baby
You love your baby, and your baby will love being in your arms. New dads should carry their newborns cradle them, and keep them close to their skin for added bonding. Your baby will come to learn your familiar smell and will be comforted by your presence, even in those very early days. So be sure to start those cuddles as early as you can.

2. Massage your baby
Simple massages can help your baby relax and fall asleep. The key is to massage very gently. You might like to go to an infant massage class at your local hospital or read up on the subject.

3. Communicate with them

Your baby might not know what you’re saying, but that doesn’t mean they won’t like hearing the sound of your voice. Whether you’re reading, singing, or talking to your baby (or even mimicking those cute cooing noises), you’ll stimulate their senses and create a stronger bond with one another. (If you’re reading this while your partner is still pregnant, remember that a baby hears sounds while in the womb, so there is nothing to stop you chatting to your baby even before they are born, so that they are familiar with your voice).

4. Give them a bath
Giving your new-born a bath will help both of you relax after a busy day and get your baby ready for a good night’s sleep. Also using this time to bond exclusively with your baby also gives mum a chance to recharge her batteries for a short while.

5. Get into the swing with a sling
There will be times when you want to be near your new-born but aren’t actually able to hold them (if you are doing things around the house) you can put them in a sling instead. Putting your baby in a front carrier will help them feel cosy against your chest — just make sure their carrier offers good head and neck support, and that their airways are clear to breathe easily.

These are really easy techniques to implement into your daily routine. Not only will you and your baby benefit by spending quality time together, but it will be extremely beneficial for mum too, to have some precious moments to herself.

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