What dads-to-be think about a hypnobirthing course

Many dads will be told that their birth partner has signed them both up for a hypnobirthing course…and in their heads they are probably thinking ‘what have you gone and roped me into?’ Then they find out that the course is going to take the best part of a weekend (or four previous evenings). [a big loud sigh and some rolling of the eye may happen at this point, but they realise it’s probably better not to contest!]

I love meeting these dads!

Not all of them are keen to admit in front of the group or to me that this is how they feel, but by the end of the course they realise that hypnobirthing is not what they though it would be. They realise that the relaxation scripts and visualisations are a fantastic way to calm the mind and body (and are really quite indulgent in this fast-paced works that we live in!)

But what makes me radiate after completing a course with couples, is just how easily they embrace it all, because it just makes sense. 

Here the feedback from the dad’s-to-be from the course that took place this weekend.

To book yourself on a hypnobirthing course to prepare for your upcoming birth visit our classes page.

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