Busy at the weekends, do an evening hypnobirthing course in Romford

Magical Baby Moments courses run both on weekends and evenings, to suit parents’ busy lives. However in February, there are no weekend courses, so be sure to not miss out on this valuable learning for you and your partner, as you prepare for the birth of your baby.

 What is hypnobirthing?

It is a full antenatal course that teaches all aspects of late pregnancy, what to expect during labour, how to handle changes that may occur during labour in order to make the right decisions for you and your baby, as well as a host of tips and techniques to help keep you focused, calm and confident during labour and birth.

The course includes approximately 10 hours teaching time, plus the Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing Book, the Colour & Calmness relaxation CD, handouts that support the lesson plans and my support by phone/email up until the birth of your baby.

Learn what the hypnobirthing course modules are.

When should the couple do the hypnobirthing class?

Ideally any time after 20 weeks, but it will work for people in late pregnancy too. The course lasts approximately 10 hours and is usually done over 4 sessions, so it’s simply a question of scheduling it in.

February dates

The dates for the February course are 7, 15, 21, 28 and start at 8pm, allowing you time to get back from work and have dinner before joining the hypnobirthing class. (We finish around 10:15pm).

Other upcoming courses

If you can’t make theses dates, or you would prefer a later course here are the upcoming weekends:

For beyond these dates visit the Classes section on our website.

Struggling for Baby Shower or Valentine’s Day present ideas? Buy Hypnobirthing Course Vouchers

It’s not a case of needing to buy you an entire course; we sell vouchers in various amounts, to suit everyone’s budget.

Vouchers are available in £5, £10, £20, £195 and £245 amounts. Email classes@magicalbabymoments.com to order yours!


About Magical Baby Moments

Magical Baby Moments offers group hypnobirthing courses in Romford and private courses across Essex and London. Check online at www.magicalbabymoments.com/classes to find out upcoming dates.

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