Great feedback for MBM’s hypnobirthing courses

Yesterday I finished teaching two sets of expectant parents in the same week. Coincidently, both of them live in the Basildon area in Essex. At the end of each course, I asked them to complete a feedback form, in order to assess how they perceived my course (and to seek suggestions to improve what I offer). Today I want to share their comments and reveal why I do this as a job. It is a true privilege!

About me

So it’s been almost a year and a half since I qualified as an instructor. You can read my journey to teach hypnobirthing here, after being self-taught for both of my pregnancies.

But in a nutshell, I became a hypnobirthing teacher, really as ‘calling’. At that time, I had a good and flexible day job in London, so it wasn’t something that I embarked upon as a change of career, but instead something that I felt I needed to do as an aside.

I was saddened at continually hearing friends having ‘bad’ birth experiences, and I felt that maybe there was something that I could do to inform expectant parents and help them prepare for their ideal birth (and this doesn’t mean having natural, pain-free, hugging a tree under the stars!!!)

To add to that, my journey to motherhood hasn’t been a smooth road. So I am not coming from an experience that has been all sunshine and sparkles either. I have felt the loss of an early still birth and during my second pregnancy, my son tragically passed away in labour, despite it being a calm and tranquil home birth.

It was a case of third time lucky, and a few years ago I gave birth to a beautiful girl.

For both of my pregnancies I used hypnobirthing and the labours were mostly calm (I’m not Wonder Woman, so anxiety and fear were present in my final pregnancy) and hypnobirthing helped keep me focused and put things into perspective.

Why am I a hypnobirthing teacher?

I thoroughly enjoy teaching hypnobirthing classes. For me, it gives me personal satisfaction to meet expectant parents; to listen to their journey so far,; to see their starting point at the beginning of my course and then watch them go through each of the modules and then out of the other side. They are always

  • better informed about what can happen in late pregnancy, labour and birth
  • more relaxed through the breathing and visualisation techniques, as well as the hypnobirthing techniques
  • more confident for whatever may present itself until the moment their baby is born. They know how to ask the right questions in order to have all bases covered.

Many are unaware that birth is their right, that the choices that they need to make should be personal to their circumstance and what feels correct for them, and that they don’t necessarily need to follow the hospital’s protocol.

Now what I mean by this is that they need to assess the situation in hand and take all the information. Then they need to weigh up the benefits, risks and alternatives and then make the decision that instinctively feels right for them. Sometimes the right decision is to wait a little bit longer… i.e do nothing. (You can remember the key issues here – use your BRAIN).

I love teaching hypnobirthing. I love empowering couples. I love seeing them develop their confidence,  become calmer and feel more in control of their pregnancy..

But don’t just take my word for it, this is what they said:


“The course was delivered at the perfect pace, allowing all of the information to be fully absorbed and understood without becoming overwhelming. It’s hard to believe how much confidence has been instilled and how I now feel I have the ability to control and determine the birth of my child.” Deborah

“Christine has been great at delivering the hypnobirthing course. I feel I will go into my labour much calmer and positive.” Amy

Birth Partners

“As a mother and a birthing partner, I feel confident now and not afraid of failing or letting my daughter down.” Linda

“I have really enjoyed the hypnobirthing course and I hope that we use what we have learnt at the birth. I would recommend other couples to do the course as I have found it so interesting and informative.”  Chris

It really is a privilege to be a hypnobirthing teacher and part of this magical journey through pregnancy.

If you would like me to help you prepare for your birth you can:

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