Today what do YOU NEED? No-one else. You.

NeveSara Wrightman Life Coaching for Mumsr before has it been more starkly obvious that if your NEEDS are screaming out inside of you, you will feel wobbly and probably end up screaming yourself. Your reactions to your little/ big ones will spark reactions that will create negative feelings and thoughts inside both of you.

Today what do YOU NEED? No-one else. You. What is it? A clear head? A run? A chat with a friend? Help with work? Help with your baby/ child/ teenager? A shoulder to cry on? A night out? What is IT ???????

Never before has it been more important to meet your NEEDS before you think about meeting the NEEDS of the rest of your family.

When you meet your NEEDS first the rest is easy. You can listen properly and respond properly and meet the NEEDS of your off-spring properly. You can take pleasure in watching him/ her move forward rather than get stuck in a repetitive record.

So if it is a run before your family are out of bed that gets your head straight before potty training, the school run or teenage drop offs then do it TODAY.

Another day of not meeting your NEEDS is another day of repeating history and assigning your life and the life of your child to one that is less than satisfactory.

For mums who have undergone a transformtional shift from single life to motherhood, this change is massive, but quite often it is only the mother who realises how much her world has changed, forever.

If you are feeling stuck on how to move forward then maybe it is time to consider a Life Coach. Sara is the founder and inspiration behind Life Coaching for Mums-to-be and Mums. Borne out of her vast experience as a mother, teacher and journalist; Sara is a fully qualified Transformational Life Coach who dedicates her work to working specifically with Mums-to-be and Mums. Sara works with Mums-to-be from conception and beyond.

She believes that being a Mum is the most important job in the world and that it is undervalued in our society. She works passionately with you so you get totally clear about your own thoughts and feelings and you become the most confident you are able to be – so you are able to create your own vision for yourself and your child/children and make the practical steps necessary to make it become your reality.

Sara works with clients in London and Essex on both weekdays and weekends, so you are able to choose a time and day that is easiest for you in relation to your own childcare commitments.

Sara works with you to transform your life and the life/ lives of your baby/ child/ children.

For more information and a chat call Sara on 07958 196 043.

Life Coaching for mums


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