Last chance to learn Hypnobirthing of you’re having a summer baby

If you are expecting a baby in the next two months and you’re looking for a calm and positive birth experience, then book yourself on a Hypnobirthing Course.

If you’re located near Romford in Essex, come and join Magical Baby Moments at The Upminster Sanctuary, on 22/23 July for a weekend hypnobirthing course.

The expectant mum and her birth partner will learn practical tips to stay relaxed, focused and positive in late pregnancy, labour and birth and they will come away completely informed about the possible scenarios that may arise during labour; so that they know how to make decisions wisely that are right for both mum and baby.

A hypnobirthing course is a fully rounded antenatal course, covering all the topics and more that you will learn on either an NCT or Parent Craft course.

If you want a course that gives you the facts about labour and birth, arms you with the information and questions to ask your caregivers, should things deviate from your plans and empowers you to take control of your birth then look no further.

Our last group course, before the summer break, is in just a couple of weeks, taking place on 22/23 July. Take a look at the course modules and book your place today.

If you want to hear what couples who have done a Magical Baby Moments Hypnobirthing Course thought about the course, take a look at the birth stories and testimonials.

If you have any questions email

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