Looking for the right antenatal class, this book explains what a Hypnobirthing Course will offer

of The Power of Hypnobirthing: 10 reasons why it's for you

As your pregnancy progresses, you are probably reading books about how your pregnancy is progressing and how you can better prepare yourself for labour and birth.

These days there is a lot of choice. Some parents to be attend NCT (National Childcare Trust) classes, some choose ParentCraft, offered by NHS midwives and others choose hypnobirthing.

Each have their own way of explaining what to expect from labour and birth and offer slightly different things.

Hypnobirthing is a choice that many are turning to as the all-encompassing antenatal course. It teaches expectant parents:

  1. the medical side of what will happen to a mother’s body during late pregnancy, labour and birth
  2. practical, easy-to-do relaxation techniques that parents-to-be can begin implementing in pregnancy as well as reap the benefits of all that practice during labour and birth
  3. the options that may present themselves during this time, so that they can make informed decisions

If you would like to know 10 reasons what Hypnobirthing Course can offer you, you can buy this introductory book: The Power of Hypnobirthing: 10 reasons why it’s for you for only £5.99 (on the Kindle or in paperback*).

Buy now

If you can’t wait for the book to arrive, read the first chapter for free by emailing power@magicalbabymoments.com

*postage charges apply

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