Hypnobirthing Course in Romford and Upminster

If you’re pregnant and looking for an antenatal class that will not only inform you about what happens in late pregnancy, labour and birth, but you also would like to learn techniques that will keep you calm and relaxed during labour and birth. Then book a hypnobirthing course with Magical Baby Moments.

You and your birth partner will leave the course empowered about your choices, confident that you will know how to deal with the journey of labour and you’ll both have a vast toolkit to keep you focused and positive for your birth experience. Magical Baby Moments also covers key areas of how to look after a newborn.The hypnobirthing course covers many topics: visit the classes section on the website for full details. 

To relax in pregnancy and during labour, you can choose from relaxation and breathing techniques to visualisations, Rebozo and much more. We will teach you them all.

Classes start on the first Tuesday of each month and also on selected weekends in Romford and Upminster, in Essex. Visit the website for more details.

If you want to hear what other couples who have done hypnobirthing thought about the course and you want to find out what their experience was like visit the Testimonials section on the website.

Evening Hypnobirthing Courses in Romford, Essex, start on the first Tuesday of the month and run for 4 weeks. Classes start at 8pm.

Weekend Hypnobirthing Courses in Romford and Upminster take place on selected weekends. (Saturdays 10am – 4pm & Sundays 10am – 1pm)

Visit the website to find out dates or call Christine on 07764 680 215.

The role of the birthing partner

Your birthing partner is one of the most important people involved in your birth. It’s so important to have someone there who you are confident that they will support you. It’s vital that your birthing partner is very clear about your hopes, feelings and preferences for the birth so that they are able to speak up for you if needed.

In most cases, the baby’s father will be the lucky one who gets to share this extraordinary moment, but you may also opt for your closest friend, your own mother or another member of the family. The important thing is that you choose someone you completely trust and with whom you are at ease with. They must also be a rock for you, should the going get tough. You may feel that you would like more than one person with you at the hospital. If so, explain the benefits of having someone there to give them support too, especially if the labour is long and he needs a break. It is also a good idea to organise a back-up in case for some reason your first choice is unavailable. Most close friends and relatives will jump at the chance of witnessing a new little miracle!

The birthing partner’s job is a very important one. The main responsibility he or she will have is to offer you complete support and encouragement and keep you as comfortable as possible during the labour and birth. You need someone who is prepared to respond to your every whim on the big day, and not be annoyed when you change your mind. Someone who is happy to pace the room with you or get down on the floor and try out all the different positions you have learned. It should be someone who won’t be offended if you get irritable or suddenly ask to be left alone; someone who will remain strong during difficult moments and be your rock. Finally, it has to be someone who can be your voice: represent your thoughts and feelings, and stand up for what you want if, during your labour, you are unable to do so yourself.

Your birthing partner will experience the whole amazing process, be the first to see your baby’s head emerging into the world (if they choose to look), and get the chance to cut the umbilical cord. It will also be their job to remain with your baby if you need medical attention or feel groggy after the birth, or if, for any reason, the baby needs to be taken out of the delivery room. Your birthing partner may have to endure quite a lot during the labour and birth, but all will be forgotten the moment they cuddle the beautiful baby for the very first time.

About Magical Baby Moments

Magical Baby Moments offers group hypnobirthing courses in Romford and Upminster, and private courses across Essex and London. Check online at http://www.magicalbabymoments.com/classes to find out upcoming dates.

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What dads-to-be think about a hypnobirthing course

Many dads will be told that their birth partner has signed them both up for a hypnobirthing course…and in their heads they are probably thinking ‘what have you gone and roped me into?’ Then they find out that the course is going to take the best part of a weekend (or four previous evenings). [a big loud sigh and some rolling of the eye may happen at this point, but they realise it’s probably better not to contest!]

I love meeting these dads!

Not all of them are keen to admit in front of the group or to me that this is how they feel, but by the end of the course they realise that hypnobirthing is not what they though it would be. They realise that the relaxation scripts and visualisations are a fantastic way to calm the mind and body (and are really quite indulgent in this fast-paced works that we live in!)

But what makes me radiate after completing a course with couples, is just how easily they embrace it all, because it just makes sense. 

Here the feedback from the dad’s-to-be from the course that took place this weekend.

To book yourself on a hypnobirthing course to prepare for your upcoming birth visit our classes page.

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5 simple ways for dads to bond with their baby

The daddy-baby bond is a very special one. So while most young babies will spend lots of time with mum, it’s very important for dad to care for your little one too. Lots of cuddles and play time is essential. In fact, it forms the basis for a healthy father-child relationship.

New dads and their newborns have a special bond. Learn how to build a closer attachment with your baby during those precious first few weeks.

If you’re and new dad and you are not quite sure how to start bonding with your newborn, you’re not alone. While some parents begin bonding with their babies immediately, it’s also extremely common for some parents (both mum and dad) to feel a little uncertain about how to start getting close to their baby.

But bonding is really important. Whatever the long-term effects may be, we know for sure that strong, healthy relationships will improve your baby’s development by giving them a sense of security and self-esteem. What’s more, you can start forming those bonds as soon as your baby is born. It’s something you’ll be able to do during the course of your daily routine. Here’s how:

1. Hold your baby
You love your baby, and your baby will love being in your arms. New dads should carry their newborns cradle them, and keep them close to their skin for added bonding. Your baby will come to learn your familiar smell and will be comforted by your presence, even in those very early days. So be sure to start those cuddles as early as you can.

2. Massage your baby
Simple massages can help your baby relax and fall asleep. The key is to massage very gently. You might like to go to an infant massage class at your local hospital or read up on the subject.

3. Communicate with them

Your baby might not know what you’re saying, but that doesn’t mean they won’t like hearing the sound of your voice. Whether you’re reading, singing, or talking to your baby (or even mimicking those cute cooing noises), you’ll stimulate their senses and create a stronger bond with one another. (If you’re reading this while your partner is still pregnant, remember that a baby hears sounds while in the womb, so there is nothing to stop you chatting to your baby even before they are born, so that they are familiar with your voice).

4. Give them a bath
Giving your new-born a bath will help both of you relax after a busy day and get your baby ready for a good night’s sleep. Also using this time to bond exclusively with your baby also gives mum a chance to recharge her batteries for a short while.

5. Get into the swing with a sling
There will be times when you want to be near your new-born but aren’t actually able to hold them (if you are doing things around the house) you can put them in a sling instead. Putting your baby in a front carrier will help them feel cosy against your chest — just make sure their carrier offers good head and neck support, and that their airways are clear to breathe easily.

These are really easy techniques to implement into your daily routine. Not only will you and your baby benefit by spending quality time together, but it will be extremely beneficial for mum too, to have some precious moments to herself.

About Magical Baby Moments

Magical Baby Moments offers group hypnobirthing courses in Romford and private courses across Essex and London. Check online at www.magicalbabymoments.com/classes to find out upcoming dates.

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Dreaming of a positive birth experience? Make it a reality.

How to have a positive birth experience

Research has shown that women who go into the birth experience with a positive attitude and who use the right birth techniques can shorten labour and make them less likely to need intervention.

Other factors which contribute to a positive birth experience include:

  • how well informed they are
  • whether they felt they could make their’ own decisions
  • the woman’s emotional approach to birth

The final ingredient to this magical recipe is relaxation.


Informing yourself of what might happen will give you the confidence to deal with any situation that arises. It is important to take control of your pregnancy and birth, by being informed, knowing what the choices are and understanding the associated risks and benefits.

Nobody will ‘deliver’ your baby. You, as the mum, will ‘give birth’ to your child, so believe in yourself and your ability to do so.

The mind is extremely powerful. Women who use relaxation, breathing and visualisation techniques often experience birth without any medical interventions.

Here are some tips on how to have a positive birth experience

  1. Face your fears

Birth fears can be triggered by a number of things, even if you have never given birth, other people’s experiences can leave a mark on the mum-to-be. So acknowledge your fears and work out where they come. If you’re not sure what’s bothering you, talk to your partner/midwife to see if you can pinpoint your stress triggers.

  1. Does your birth partner have any fears?

Facing up to birth fears is important for birth partners, too. If they are on edge on the maternity ward, it could pass on to you. Encourage them to be honest. Getting them involved with antenatal classes will help, too.

  1. Practice relaxation techniques

As I just mentioned, feeling calm is key to being confident and in control. By practising relaxation techniques during pregnancy, you can call upon it when you need it.

  1. Learn how to breathe through labour

Breathing slower and deeper breaths increases the amount of oxygen getting to your muscles, which helps them relax. Also focusing on the breathing itself gives you a focal point.

  1. Follow your intuition

Your intuition will guide you throughout your pregnancy. If for whatever reason you have a niggling concern, get it checked out until you are sure that ‘the niggle’ has been addressed.

  1. Relax with some massage

Ask your partner to rub your back and the backs of your legs to stimulate the release of calming chemicals in the body.

Not everyone will have an intervention-free birth, but by taking out any fears and building your confidence, you’ll feel in control and have a positive experience, whatever happens.

If you would like to learn techniques to ensure you remain, relaxed, focused and in control, hypnobirthing classes (for you and your birth partner) will help you to achieve that.

Magical Baby Moments classes not only teach you relaxation techniques, but it also covers many aspects of labour and birth, such as where to have your baby, options for medical and natural pain relief, best positions for labour and looking after the baby during the first few days after the birth.

Read more in the Classes section.


About Magical Baby Moments

Magical Baby Moments offers group hypnobirthing courses in Romford and private courses across Essex and London. Check online at www.magicalbabymoments.com/classes to find out upcoming dates.

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Winter Hypnobirthing courses in Romford

Hypnobirthing is a fantastic way to prepare every mum-to-be and birth parter for a relaxed and calm pregnancy labour and birth.

It’s not some airy-fairy trend, but tried and tested teaching that informs the couple about what to regally expect during the latter stages of pregnancy, what will happen during labour and how to manage it, as well as what to expect form birth and beyond.

Magical Baby Moments courses are a full-antenatal class, where you will learn what other antenatal classes offer, but with a little bit of magic! 

Come and join is on one of our winter group hypnobirthing classes, or perhaps sign up for our weekday evening course, or one-to-one lessons.

Our hypnobirthing courses take place in Romford, Essex

Take a look at our website for more information, or call Christine on 07764 680 215.

Join October’s Group hypnobirthing course in Romford

If you’re 20+ weeks pregnant and looking for a comprehensive antenatal course that teaches you everything you need to know about labour and birth; the choices that you have and fabulous techniques that will keep you calm, confident and relaxed. 

This evening group course, taking place in October will get you fully prepared for your baby’s arrival and beyond!

Get in touch!

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