The role of the birthing partner

Your birthing partner is one of the most important people involved in your birth. It’s so important to have someone there who you are confident that they will support you. It’s vital that your birthing partner is very clear about your hopes, feelings and preferences for the birth so that they are able to speak up for you if needed.

In most cases, the baby’s father will be the lucky one who gets to share this extraordinary moment, but you may also opt for your closest friend, your own mother or another member of the family. The important thing is that you choose someone you completely trust and with whom you are at ease with. They must also be a rock for you, should the going get tough. You may feel that you would like more than one person with you at the hospital. If so, explain the benefits of having someone there to give them support too, especially if the labour is long and he needs a break. It is also a good idea to organise a back-up in case for some reason your first choice is unavailable. Most close friends and relatives will jump at the chance of witnessing a new little miracle!

The birthing partner’s job is a very important one. The main responsibility he or she will have is to offer you complete support and encouragement and keep you as comfortable as possible during the labour and birth. You need someone who is prepared to respond to your every whim on the big day, and not be annoyed when you change your mind. Someone who is happy to pace the room with you or get down on the floor and try out all the different positions you have learned. It should be someone who won’t be offended if you get irritable or suddenly ask to be left alone; someone who will remain strong during difficult moments and be your rock. Finally, it has to be someone who can be your voice: represent your thoughts and feelings, and stand up for what you want if, during your labour, you are unable to do so yourself.

Your birthing partner will experience the whole amazing process, be the first to see your baby’s head emerging into the world (if they choose to look), and get the chance to cut the umbilical cord. It will also be their job to remain with your baby if you need medical attention or feel groggy after the birth, or if, for any reason, the baby needs to be taken out of the delivery room. Your birthing partner may have to endure quite a lot during the labour and birth, but all will be forgotten the moment they cuddle the beautiful baby for the very first time.

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Supporting spontaneous labour

Whenever you research how long a pregnancy lasts, you will commonly hear the following:

– just over nine months

– approximately 280 days

– 37-42 weeks

So as you can see, the range is quite vast and wooly. So think about it…if you’re pregnant, the chances are your medical caregivers have given you an exact date as to when they think your baby will be born. Wow, they’ve managed to pinpoint it to on single 24 hour period…amazing!

No, it’s not.

By you being given one single day to pin your hopes on baby arriving can have a multitude of knock-on effects. It puts pressure on you as a mum, as you wait for the signs of labour to show; you will no doubt have friends and family checking in on you and you’ll also have your medical caregivers suggest a ‘date for induction’, even before you’ve crossed the 40-week mark.

The NICE guidelines state that inductions for pregnancy should only be done if there is a medical reason. Being ‘overdue’ is not a medical reason on its own.

Take a look online and you’ll read of many 10-month mamas. Women who have confidently chosen to let nature take its course and go spontaneously into labour. There is even one woman who’s pregnancy lasted 375 days* (yes that’s longer than 12 months).

So what I want to convey is, pinning your expectations on a single day is perhaps not the right thing to do. According to research, only about one in 25 (four per cent) of babies are born on their exact due date . About one in five babies are born at 41 weeks or after. So rest assured, this is totally normal.

You’ve done a fabulous job growing your baby and trusting in nature. Now let your body decide when to give birth.

*this was the number of days from menstrual cycle to birth.

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